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      Hello, welcome to visit Tianmen Fuxing Chemical Co., Ltd. Official website!

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      Tianmen Fuxing Chemical Co., Ltd.

      Perfect warehouse management and transportation capacity

      About Us

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      Welcome to visit our company website!


      Tianmen Fuxing Chemical Co., Ltd. is a professional chemical company approved by the State Safety Supervision Department, the Municipal Industrial and Commercial Bureau registered and established. Our company is located in Tianmen City, Hubei Province, is located in the central Hubei Jianghan plain. The geographical position is superior, connecting Jingsha on the top, Wuhan on the bottom, bordering Jianghan Golden Road on the south, resting on the Three Gorges transit railway on the north, and holding the national road No.107, No.318 and Yihuang expressway on the north. The company's current operating varieties are: chloromethane, light hydrocarbon, isooctyl alcohol, pyridine and other chemical raw materials, liquefied petroleum gas, while the purchase and sale of tin, zinc and other non-ferrous metals.

      The company has a sound warehousing management and transportation coordination capacity. Since its establishment, the company has been well received by customers with its professional and high-quality service and high-quality and low-cost products. The company has sufficient supply of goods, sales outlets throughout the country, with a number of relevant specifications of tanker, can meet the customer's various tanker transport needs. In the spirit of quality, customer first, timely delivery, thoughtful service for the purpose, we warmly welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate, create great!


      Tianmen Fuxing Chemical Co., Ltd.


      The company has perfect warehouse management and transportation coordination capabilities

      With professional and high-quality service, good quality and good price products are well received by customers

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